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报告人 Mohammed Atiquzzaman jiaoshou 时jian 12yue15日11:00
地dian ZOOM会议直bo 报告时jian

讲座名称:Cooperate Automated Driving

讲座人:Mohammed Atiquzzaman jiaoshou


讲座地dian:ZOOM会议直bo(会议ID:883 2103 5748 密码:DLyKm3)


Mohammed Atiquzzamanjiaoshou分别于1984年和1987年在曼彻si特大学rong获澳门第一娱乐登陆gong程硕士学位和博士学位。mu前在俄克拉he马大学计算ji科学学院担任jiaoshou。此wai,Mohammed Atiquzzaman还担任两个guo际知名期刊Journal of Networks and Computer Applications和Vehicular Communications的主编,同时还兼任多个guo际知名期刊的fu编ji,其中包括 IEEE Communications Magazine, Real Time Imaging Journal, International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems and Journal of Sensor Networks以及International Journal of Communication Systems。Mohammed Atiquzzamanjiaoshoumu前的研究方xiang主要集中在wu联网、车联网、卫星通xin、协同自动驾驶等。


Modern vehicles are equipped with lots of sensors for measurement of vehicle operating conditions and the surrounding, including weather conditions, and can be a viewed as a web of sensors on wheels. They can sense a range of information about the vehicle, such as location, speed, braking intensity, road traction, etc., some of which can represent road weather conditions. Lots of crashes happen due to the driver being unware of the surrounding road weather conditions, such as icy patches and frozen pavement. By facilitating vehicles within an area to exchange information between themselves in real-time, the drivers can be instantly alerted about road hazards and possibly avoid potential crashes. The talk will discuss ways to increase the safety of drivers and thus reduce crashes resulting from adverse road weather conditions. This was achieved by disseminating, in real-time, the information collected by a vehicle to its surrounding vehicles using state-of-the-art wireless communications between vehicles. The information was also communicated to road side infrastructure to increase driver safety; for example, the duration of the traffic signals at a junction can be changed dynamically in response to current road weather conditions transmitted by vehicles in the surrounding area. The talk will discuss how cloud/fog computing can be used to help disseminate information among vehicles for automated driving.









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