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bao告人 董mian雄 教shou shi间 12月11日14:00
地dian Zoom会议直播 bao告shi间

讲座ming称:Aero, Terra, Human: Next Generation Disaster Response Platform



讲座地dian:Zoom会议直播(会议ID:770 124 3471mima:507338)



董mian雄,现任日本国li室兰工业大xue副校长、教shou、bodao。科睿唯安(Clarivate Analytics)全球高被yinxue者。于日本gongli会津大xue分别huo计算机理工xuexue士、shuo士、bo士xuewei。主持日本xue术zhen兴会(JSPS)、KDDI财团等科研项目十余项。曾huo得多项国际性奖励与荣誉,qi中bao括2018年du日本文部科xue省NISTEP奖(不区分xue科领域,同年全日本仅11人, 该奖bao括2wei興ang炊県uo得者)、2019年du北海道科xue技术奖。目qian担任10多个国际顶级xue术期刊的bianwei。同shi,他huai是超guo100个国际顶级xue术会议的组wei会主yaocheng员、TPCcheng员,bao括CCF Alei会议ruIJCAI,AAAI等。目qian主yao磞ou略?边詃ao扑恪?G物联wang、大数据科xue及人工智能等方面的研究。gong计发表xue术lun文290余pian,qi中50%发表在JSAC、TIFS、TPDS等IEEE/ACM顶尖国际期刊和INFOCOM等IEEE顶级会议shang。近5年,入选ESI热dianlun文(qian0.1%)5pian,ESI高被yinlun文(qian1%)18pian。


"How to face the threat of natural disasters" is always an important research topic. Currently, the mainstream research of disaster management is how to accurately and promptly forecast and notify such as earthquake early warning, but since complete disaster prevention is impossible, we still have to focus on the rapid response after disasters. In addition, to gain insight into the real-time situation of the affected area, we need the two-way communication between affected area and outside world. However, once the network infrastructure suffers from disasters, connections can be interrupted and support cannot reach affected area. Moreover, it is difficult to reconstruct the communication line from scratch. In order to achieve a set of post-disaster two-way communication solutions not relying on traditional network infrastructure, we design a next generation disaster response platform. There are mainly three problems to solve in this platform. First, the connections among users near to each other. Second, the connections between users and access points (APs). Third, the connections between APs and access network to outside world. To figure out first problem, we are going to make use of Device-to-Device (D2D) emergency communication in gathering users within the range of 100+m. Then for the second one, we take advantage of the high mobility of UAVs in fast building the emergency network with the range of 1000+m. For the third one, to realize the connection to outside world, we apply lower power wide area network (LPWAN) to expand the range to 10000+m.










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